What is coaching?
Coaching is an interactive, one-on-one partnership that helps you clarify your goals and develop an action plan to achieve them. Through a series of questions a coach will help you explore and find solutions to issues as quickly as possible; guide you in creating the future rather than focus on past or even present dilemmas. It’s like having a mentor, strategist, and confidant rolled into one, and who is working for your success. You are an active participant in the process, and must be willing to experiment and try new things, and be ready to take action.

What can coaching do for me?
It can help uncover strengths, limiting beliefs, learn new skills and develop strategies to work around limitations, and set realistic goals.  A coach does not diagnose any medical condition, provide psychotherapy, or advise on medical treatments.

How long does coaching take?
That’s up to you. Together, we’ll set goals and determine a plan, which we can review periodically.  Usually, a term of 3 months (with sessions taking place weekly or every-other-week) is the suggested minimum. Most people engage a coach for 6 to 8 months, after which they taper their sessions or transition to other forms of support.

Where does coaching take place?
In-person coaching is available for individuals in Livingston and East Hanover, New Jersey, over telephone, or via Skype (anywhere). Employer-sponsored coaching can take place at your place of business. DDD sponsored career and employment coaching your home or

Is coaching covered by insurance?
No, because coaching is not a medical service. However, Joy 2 Life is an approved provider for individuals you are eligible for DDD services. Also, some employers engage coaches to work with their employees on things like communication, management and leadership skills.

How do I find out if coaching is right for me?
Contact us to arrange a FREE, no-obligation session via telephone. We’ll talk about your goals, how coaching can help, and you can sample some actual coaching so that you can decide whether it’s right for you.